Roscoe the Beagle Gets His Christmas Wish ::

Roscoe the Beagle Gets His Christmas Wish ::

This pup got the greatest Christmas gift this year- a new home of his own. Courtesy Tri county Animal Shelter. SHIPPENVILLE, Pa. (EYT) – Christmas wishes do come true, and one lonely beagle from Tri-County Animal Rescue is living proof.

(Photo courtesy of Tri-county Animal Rescue Center, Pennsylvania)

Earlier this month, published a heartfelt letter to Santa “from Roscoe the beagle,” who was hoping to get a family of his own for Christmas.

According to Tri-County Animal Rescue Center volunteer Jackie Griebel, Roscoe had struggled somewhat at the shelter, being overwhelmed by the noise and commotion and sometimes reacting in a way that frightened people.

Griebel took a personal interest in Roscoe and decided to make it her goal to find him a home this year.

“I knew he was nervous, so I started taking him for regular walks,” she said.

“When the weather got cold, we started making visits to Tractor Supply, since they allow animals and it got him used to being around people again.”

Roscoe also began to improve after another dog was adopted, and he was moved to a different kennel, away from several other dogs that tended to be noisy.

“He was just overwhelmed,” Griebel said. “He came from a quiet home, then he was surrounded by strange dogs and new people all day.”

She noted that he and another dog, known as Chloe, both tended to react poorly to visitors while in their kennels but were actually very friendly dogs.

“We really want people to understand, some dogs just really carry on when they are in their kennels and people come in. Chloe is the same way, but she is just the most gentle dog. She’s awesome, but seems scary when she’s in her kennel.”

Luckily, Griebel saw something on social media that gave her an idea.

“I saw a shelter somewhere that had done a letter (to Santa) like that, so I decided to try it.”

Her letter on Roscoe’s behalf was approved by the team at Tri-County and soon made its way to publication.

According to Griebel, they soon received several applications for Roscoe and started the approval process. She noted that his soon-to-be “mom” then visited him at the shelter, and they believed they had found a good match. However, there was a final step to be taken.

On December 23, his soon-to-be “dad” was finally able to make a trip to the shelter to meet Roscoe.

“We were all nervous,” Griebel noted.

“We told him not to try to touch Roscoe at first, to let Roscoe come to him and sniff at him, but Roscoe walked up and licked his face and climbed into his lap. I knew then that it was his new family.”

Roscoe’s new parents took him home that night.

“We are all so thankful for the family and happy for Roscoe. But, we want people to keep our other dogs in mind, too.”

Roscoe’s adoption wasn’t the only good thing to come out of the letter, either. The letter also noted that Roscoe’s friend Lenny the Boxer wanted a soft blanket and a nice toy for his kennel.

According to Griebel, a kind donor sent a package with a new blanket and toy for each Roscoe and Lenny.

Lenny, however, is still looking for a home.

“He’s another one like Roscoe and Chloe,” Griebel noted.

“We tried moving him to a quieter kennel, thinking he might do better, but he still carries on. He doesn’t sound as ferocious, but he twirls in crazy circles all over the place. He’s house broken and really cute, and he’s a great dog.”

For more information on adoptable animals available, stop at the Tri-County Animal Rescue Center, located at 9562 Route 322, Shippenville, or visit the website at

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