Trouble, the beagle, is found DECAPITATED in family's backyard | Daily Mail Online

Trouble, the beagle, is found DECAPITATED in family’s backyard | Daily Mail Online

Police in Ohio are looking for the person who decapitated a woman’s beagle and left the dog’s head in her backyard earlier this month, and now a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. 

According to the East Palestine Police Department, Barbara Greaves reported her female beagle named Trouble missing from her yard on January 3.

Trouble had been on a ‘cable run’ for an hour before her disappearance at around 9pm, Greaves told police.   

Grisly crime: This female beagle named Trouble was snatched from her owner’s home in East Palestine, Ohio, on January 3 and then beheaded 

Trouble’s detached head was discovered in her owner’s backyard two days later (pictured)

Two days later, Greaves’ adult son, Scott, discovered the animal’s detached head on the family’s property in the 100 block of East North Avenue. 

Next-door neighbor Diane Kelly recalled seeing something white in the Greaves’ yard out of her window on Sunday, but initially she did not realize what it was.  

Scott Greaves, the owner’s son, found the beagle’s remains and alerted the authorities 

‘I thought they got a new ball to play with because I saw a white ball then Scott later on told me…that was Trouble’s head you saw,’ Kelly told the station KDKA. ‘I can’t get it out of my head. It’s all I can think about.’ 

More than three weeks later, no arrests have been made in connection to Trouble’s slaughter.

The Columbiana County Humane Society is now offering an $8,000 reward for information leading to the perpetrator’s capture and conviction, and the Mahoning County Crime Stoppers is offering an additional $2,000, according to Fox 19.

Meanwhile, concerned residents have launched a Facebook group called ‘Justice for Trouble’ to bring awareness to the case and help track down the dog’s killer. 

‘This is vile and cowardly behavior,’ East Palestine Village Manager Mark McTrustry wrote in a Facebook post decrying the dog killing. ‘This does not represent what we stand for, or what it means to be a part of this community.’ 

Trouble, the beagle, is found DECAPITATED in family’s backyard

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